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2018 Professional Staff
Doug Rousar  (St Francis, WI) - Chief Judge

​Doug's formal training in dance started when he stumbled upon WCS in 2001. Since then he has won numerous titles across the country, including US Open Champion. He taught many forms of dance full time from 2005 to present, including ECS, Hustle, Salsa, Night Club 2, Country 2 and of course WCS. He continues to travel on average 40 weekends a year. Since 2012 Doug has traveled the WCS circuit competing with his classic routine partner Melissa Rollins. besides teaching, Doug also hosts 2 WCS events, Michigan Classic & Spotlight.

Matt Auclair (St Louis, MO) - Judge

Matt is a multi time national and international champion. He competes and instructs both nationally and internationally. He is the youngest to be inducted in the Dallas Dance Hall of fame. He is very excited to spend his Father's day this year with his daughter Lily at Swingapalooza!  

Dominique Martin (Dallas, TX) - Judge
Dominique Martin is proud of his distinction as an accomplished national WCS competitor and champion, dance instructor, and choreographer. He has earned several national titles, and continues to compete on the WCS circuit as an All-Star dancer. Dominique has been featured on the hit television show, “So You Think You Can Dance”, and was also a top three finalist on the Golden Ticket Tour sponsored by Global Dance TV in 2011. In addition to his many achievements as a dancer, Dominique is also a talented musician and music teacher. Lauren Michelle Hubbard discovered dance at an early age and hasn't stopped moving since.

Victor Loveira (Drexel Hill, PA) - Head DJ & MC
Originally from Havana, Cuba, Victor has over 25 years experience as a DJ and over 15 years experience as a swing DJ. Victor's first WCS event to DJ was The Texas Classic in 1995 in Dallas, Texas. From that point on, he has had the good fortune of DJing many of the countries’ top swing events. Victor has also traveled internationally to DJ at prestigious swing events in London. To his credit, Victor is considered by peers to be one of the top Swing DJs in the business and travels approximately 40 weeks in a given year. In 2005, Victor was honored with the AllSwing DJ of the Year Award. He has also been a finalist for the last 5 years for the AllSwing DJ Hall of Fame Award. Most recently, he won Best DJ of 2011 at the first annual Westie Awards Gala, an honor bestowed on him by his west coast dance peers. 
Henry de los Reyes (Kenner, LA) - DJ
Henry is a member of Global Swing DJs and has been DJing west coast swing, ballroom, and country events for over 10 years. He is the House DJ at Club Silhouette in Metairie, LA, and also has been actively DJing local dance events in Baton Rouge. When he’s not in the DJ booth, Henry is an active west coast swing and hustle competitor with multiple wins throughout his dancing career. 
Ruth Gilbert (St Louis, MO) - DJ
Ruth is a traveling DJ from St. Louis, Missouri. She plays at numerous WCS Competition Events across the country. Ruth has played at Tulsa's Spring Swing, Swing Dance America, Swingapalooza, DFW DanceProAm Jam. She was at Wisconsin Dance Challenge, Grand Prix Of Swing, Meet Me In St. Louis, Tulsa Fall Fling, and Spotlight Dance Challenge. A proud accomplishment was to be invited to DJ three years consecutive at the America's Classic. Ruth DJ's locally at the STL Rebels and for other neighboring swing dance clubs. She has branched forward into Ballroom and Country events frequenting The Savoy Ballroom as well. Ruth has been the Audio Director for the STL Rebels since it's formation in 2006. Ruth is a Global Swing DJ as well as AllSwing DJ.
Jeanne DeGeyter (Tulsa, OK) - Judge & Workshop Instructor

Jeanne has been dancing since 1994, when she began in West Coast Swing and country dancing. Her background did not come from traditional dance training as many competitors, but from cheerleading and gymnastics, where she brought her performance and agility skills to the dance floor. She competed several years in country in Teams and couples divisions, twice earning a UCWDC Championship Title with her ladies team. In Swing, she has earned 7 US OPEN Swing Dance Awards, including 2 Championship titles. Jeanne has also earned the prestigious America's Classic Top Teacher Award 7 times. She is a traveling dance professional has been and event director for 9 years for several events, including Tulsa Spring Swing.
Trent & Michelle Haynes (Houston, TX) - Judges & Workshop Instructors

Trent and Michelle Haynes met in 2003 and started dancing and competing together in 2004. Together, they have won City, State, Regional and National Championships in the Pro-Am divisions and are 3-time (2008, 2009, and 2011) National Slow Whip Champions at the America's Classic Championships (ACC). They are popular instructors, and continue to teach and judge, as well as competing and placing in events around the nation.  

They have been teaching West Coast Swing and Whip together since 2005 and currently are heading up the West Coast swing program at SSQQ Dance Studio in Houston. Their students enjoy the combination of humor and technical skill that they bring to each class. They began teaching Slow Whip in 2008 as demand for this dance has grown. 
 Taletha Jouzdani (Austin, TX) - Judge

Taletha reside in Austin, TX and is a proud member of the Texas WCS Community. 
More on Taletha at

Terry Roseborough (Tulsa, OK) - Judge & Workshop Instructor

Terry Roseborough, also known by his friends as T-Rose, has been teaching dance since 1988 & competing for much longer. He loves teaching around the world the dance he loves. Don't miss his workshops here at Swingapalooza!
Ruby Lair (Houston, TX) - DJ
Ruby started dancing WCS in 2004 and started DJing for the west coast swing dance community in 2008 in Houston, TX. Her  love of music is only rivaled by her love of dancing. She really do spend countless hours seeking out new music to share with west coast swing dance community. She love to see a floor packed with dancers and playing music that makes people want to dance. Her music sets contain a mixture of genres to keep the dancers on the floor all night long, including pop, swing, R&B, blues, etc. She  avoids playing explicit or profane songs in my sets. Ruby is a  member of the Global Swing DJ Group. She was nominated for the WAG Award as 2010 DJ of the Year. She was also inducted in the DJ Hall of Fame in 2014. 
Jason & Annmarie Marker (Detroit, MI) - Judges

Jason and Annmarie share a love for teaching, competing, judging and performing across the country. They both adore West Coast Swing and are passionate about sharing the love of the dance with others. Together their routines touch the hearts and souls of audiences around the country. They specialize in teaching all levels of dancers and competitors, utilizing Jason’s smooth precision and Annmarie’s creative energy. Their teaching philosophy emphasizes strong fundamentals and connection while delivering unique styling and musicality for leaders and followers alike. 
Liz Ravdin (Austin, TX) - DJ
Over the past two years, Liz has been able to grow her love of West Coast Swing by deejaying both locally and for major events. She enjoys everything from Justin Bieber to Etta James to anything that makes you want to groove. When she isn’t spinning tunes she enjoys competing on the national WCS circuit and social dancing until the sun comes up. Swingapalooza was her debut event as an official DJ and she is thrilled to be returning this year as a staff DJ!
Byron Bellew (Luling, LA) - MC
Byron is an "All Star" level west coast swing competitive dancer, instructor, and judge. In addition, He is a professional DJ and master of ceremonies (MC) at events around the country.Byron holds the following certifications and diplomas:GPDIA Teaching Certification in West Coast Swing, GPDIA Judging Certification in West coast Swing, GSTDA Teaching Certification in West Coast Swing, Bachelor's Degree in Music Education. Byron Bellew and Valerie Davis founded the West Coast Swing Academy of New Orleans which is hosted at Club Silhouette in Metairie, LA. 

Michael Stephens (Houston, TX) - Judge

Michael has been dancing for over 20 years and teaching for over 15. During those years, he has won several championship titles in Jack & Jills, Strictly Swing, Pro-Am, Masters, and Routine Divisions. As he has developed as a dancer, Michael has never forgotten the most important factor of dancing…..FUN! Whether his students back home in Houston are learning West Coast Swing, Country & Western, slow dancing, Jitterbug, Merengue, Salsa, Waltz, or Cha-cha, the classes are fun, fun, fun! 

Ashley & Tobitha Stewart (China Grove, NC) - Judges & workshop instructors
Carolina Shag Instructors, Ashley & Tobitha Stewart have been competing on the Shag circuits together since 2008. They were recently inducted into National Living Legends of Dance in 2015. Ashley & Tobitha enjoy competing in the National Shag Dance Championships in North Myrtle Beach, SC, the USA Grand National Dance Champions in Atlanta, GA, the US Open Swing Dance Championships in Burbank, CA, as well as competing on the CSA Circuit (Competitive Shaggers Association).  
They would consider their dance, the Carolina Shag, as being a dance with extremely deep roots, a sub-culture that is self-sustaining and a lifestyle that once it has infected you; it is very hard to leave behind. Ashley & Tobitha have been instructing Shag since 2009.